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Cherry OS

Maui, HI (DATE) MXS today announce the immediate availability of Cherry OS software . Cherry OS is a software translator that allows you to install Apple’s Operating System on x86 computer architecture. To put it simply you can now run Apple’s award winning Panther OS on your PC! This breakthrough in OS development now gives home users, software developers and web designer’s ultimate flexibility in both the operating system and hardware platform you use for your personal computer or testing environment.

Cherry OS runs Panther as a virtual machine on your Windows PC. This virtual machine has full network capabilities including the ability to share folders and access the web. The virtual machine also has complete access to the computer’s hardware resources including, Hard Drive, CPU, RAM, Firewire, USB, PCI, PCMIA BUS and RJ45/Ethernet and Modem.

Arben Kryeziu, Cherry OS inventor and a software developer, got tired of carrying both a Mac and a PC around with him, so he invented Cherry OS. “Think about it,” says Arben. “Now about 600 million PC users can have the MAC advantage. One computer to use all software and if PC users would use MAC software to get email, perhaps they would avoid viruses, Trojans and spy-ware.” He went on to say that , “You can build and test applications for a Mac on your development PC, test web site design for Mac web browsers without having to buy the hardware, run OS X, the world’s best Operating System, on a less expensive hardware platform and use your favorite Mac apps on a PC.”
Their servers seem to be overloaded at the moment. Definitely sounds interesting. Waiting for more info. :)


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wouldnt he have to get coypright stuff from apple to allow him to do so? or just that since the user that wants osx has to buy it from apple so they cant and dont really care?

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Our Server is getting hit with unbelievably high traffic, and some people are trying to hack in too. Please be patient and check back with us soon… - CherryOS Team !
::: contact us :::

CherryOS - Introduction

CherryOS - Demo
seems like the old studio 54 gimmick...keep em out so they want to get in

if this is any good, I'll be getting it


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themafia_69 said:
dont u find it weird though that it just popped out of the blue, we never heard of it before?
Yup, no one's ever heard of it, no one's ever used it, and it's basically stating the virtually impossible.

I see the home page has been updated with a song
Thank you lantzn for the CherryOS Song:

Cherry oh, Cherry oh, baby,
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If you say you love me madly,
Then why do you treat me badly.
Yeah.. very professional :rolleyes: :p :D


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Something like this came up before....

SPeedY_B said:
Yup, no one's ever heard of it, no one's ever used it, and it's basically stating the virtually impossible....
I wish I could come up with the old link - I know there is a thread here where I mentioned I had found something like this but could no longer google it (I had emailed link to my sister, but the lost it!) here is that old thread.

I found this thread which is worth a link also, more recent opinions.

I guess you could tell from this I believe it is highly possible to emulate the Apple OS on a PC. As with all emulators there will be an overhead and things will be far from perfect, but the basics could be there.

Now some people are sceptical - OK, but WHY would anyone have any interest in pretending something there that was not?

Some others think Apple would want to "squash it", but again I ask WHY given they will sell more OSX licensing and, by virtue of exposure, potentially have people "coming round" to buying their hardware if they like the emulation?

I fo one am VERY interested, not for myself, but for my sister - because I supplied her a SFF QBic on the basis I could emulate MacOS for her daughter to use it as a Mac "lookalike" - so I guess now we just watch this space?


I may actually be insane.
yes yes, it's very possible to run PPC based operating systems on the x86 platforms, PearPC is an absolutely amazing piece of software.

The claims of 80% the speed, and G4 speeds of emulation are what seem to be utter-rubbish, after-all the simple architechture differences are what prevent PearPC from replacing G5's across the world with cheap AMD machines.

As for the whole licensing thing, let's face it, most people will pirate OSX to use this application, they did with PearPC, I'll admit, Apple theoretically looses nothing from that and can gain some hardware sales from it, but it's not really how it should be done.

The main catch in all of this, is the Apple EULA states you can't run OSX on anything that's not Apple (Or Apple certified, I forget) hardware, which is why projects such as this one will get squished. :)

Oh, and I posted the Apple-X link on the front page earlier ;)


From what I have seen (on Apple Developer), PearPC was welcomed since it was a neat idea. I have never, until now, seen or heard of CherryOS. I read a few comments on other sites and someone accused them of using PearPC code.

Also, their claim that they are the first to emulate a G4 is not true since you can do that with PearPC by changing the CPU hex to 0x000c0000.

I am just waiting on their site to work so that I can see a price :).
Mainframeguy said:
maybe they are busy negotiating with Mr Jobs about amending his EULA?

(I can dream, no? ;) )
Yeah, his only response will be, "...when hell freezes over."
Then a few years later, that's exactly what will happen. :p


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