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24 Jan 2002
driving along at first I thought this was a group of kids hangin, then I thought it was a sculpture of some sort, like painted bronze or something

then when it took me passing the building to realize it was two dimensional

unbelievable...this shot is with my phone so sorry about the qualiry


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Very cool! I've seen some similar pics on the web, but never came across anything like this in person. :)
Where in NYC was that Perris? Damn cool.
Where in NYC was that Perris? Damn cool.
that's on the way north to kings point...glen cove I guess...I was at the light before I realized they were inanimate, and then I was wondering what kind of sculpture it was, it was so realisitic I didn't think it was painted brinze because those are never painted but I figured maybe someone got ambitous with the bronzes anyway

then when I passed to see it was two dimensional I immediately turned around and took a few shots, I'll post more tomorrow
Very cool! I've never come across anyone who's seen that stuff in person. Nice find, glad you had your camera phone :)
Very cool! I've seen some similar pics on the web, but never came across anything like this in person. :)

You don't really get out that much do ya?:)

The bus stops going up the 5 to Burbank.
That is very cool perris, not bad quality from your phone either :)
couple more shots


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I wonder if anyone was walking down the sidwalk and got out of "their" way.
I would thinkin walking down the sidewalk you wouldn't because they don't exactly stick out :p :eek:
If you were on the edge of the sidewalk though you would see them.
I think I may have to plan a road trip to see for myself.
Fine, I know y'all are thinking it so I'll just blurt it out.

How long before the pedophiles get at that :eek:

Sick, sick bastids !!!
Cool, you got any photos from the 'wrong angle' so they look skewed?
Cool, you got any photos from the 'wrong angle' so they look skewed?

if you insist

I didn't want to show the last one cuz I put on some winter weight and look like a tubo...pretty embarrasing till I get back my girlish fogure but it is what it is...if I had a photo program handy I would have cropped off the kid to my left and the top of my bad hair day


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That's pretty damn cool - hard to tell the difference between your dimensions and theirs tbh.

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