Cheapish PS3 AGP card?


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16 Jan 2002
OK everyone,

I suspended this decision when I got NwN 2 as it did support my old ATI FX5600XT ATI card, but as it looks like I'm not going to be able to play Alan Wake when the requirement moves up to PS3 minimum, which already is the case with SCDA, this leaves me with the following question.

Does anyone know of a good AGP ATI or Nvidia AGP card that I could get for around £50-60 quid or so and from somewhere in the UK that would be willing to send it non signed, or maybe one I could just pick up from PC world or antother store?

Normally I would go for a higher end card, but I plan to buy a whole new system soon, so I'm looking for cheapish card that will last at least a year or two but will support PS3.

Anyone got any ideas?
A lot depends on what the rest of your set up is, if it's quite old then you'll struggle to run many PS 3 games, but if not then something like this Geforce 7300GT from Dabs would be ideal, though at £70ish it is slightly above your price range. I don't think you can expect much for £50 - £60 however, especially if you want it to last 1 or 2 years. I would perhaps recommend something like this 7600GS which is £100 but will be quite a bit better. You're quite limited with AGP now but there are a few bargains out there.

Good luck!
please forgive me, but how does ps3 relate to agp card??
thanks i was also wondering, wth he was talking about.
PS3 = Pixel Shader 3, sorry :D - thought everyone might know since it was discussed in the Splinter Cell topic. My bad.
Everyone should have (well, it took me about 30 seconds).

Same answer I gave before, find a used or surplus 6600GT.

New cards that are worth buying are $150 USD (~75 quid) because AGP is so "end of life" the prices are grossly over what they should be.

Some OSNN member in the UK must have an old 6600GT or know of one that is available. A 9800 PRO would be another option for a reliable used card but it's only DX9.0b, not PS3.
my Dell D820 has a nvidia NVS120m 512mb video card and it has PS3.0 (the correct acronym :)) but that doesnt mean its going to play Alan Wake just fine..

Get anything 7800 and up. You can pick one of those up for $199 or less!

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