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Cheapest UK Price Windows 7

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Yeah, I am seeing £69.93 myself for that page, I am not sure if there was some time limit for it, but I would be suprised if it had expired so long before the October 22nd release date.
Same price as PC World actually, not sure why the price suddenly went up though.

Oh and good to see you Dave :)

edit: looks like it was the initial pre-order price that was the cheap one, which has now sold out. So, now we get to pay more and get the same product on the same day - which is a little bit rubbish.
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There was a pre-order half price deal in the USA. It just ended about the time the RTM was announced damnit! I wanted to put 7 Home on my laptop since VISTA is uselessly slow on it and 7 actually seemed smoother than the XP install.

Arrgh! No way I'm paying $100 for Home when it does not include the Virtualizaiton and XP Emulator. Guess I'll milk XP until this laptop dies.


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Damn those retailers... I was hoping to order Win7 Pro for £89.

Leejend, have you installed Vista SP2 on your machine by any chance? I find my desktop running much smoother/faster with SP2. Or maybe I've just been using my nettop pc for too long. lol :p
happen to be in the john Lewis store in Liverpool today and in the computer section of the technology department there was a cardboard sign advertising windows 7 E for £49.99p until this weekend ,not sure if it applies only instore or online also. i don't know were else there are more john Lewis stores but happy hunting !:)


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Thats because a couple of weeks ago, MS did a pre-purchase "Special" deal where you could get Vista Home Premium for around 45-50 quid. Needless to say, all the stock from 3/4 of the mentioned websites (there were around 5-6) sold out around mid day.

I didn't manage to get it for £49, but got it for £55 with P&P included from PC World. The only deals that are left now are the normal pre-order prices, not the special offer prices.

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