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Cheapest system with these specs:


Confused and Bewildered
I'm looking for the absolute cheapest box I can get for my sister which meets the following minimum specs. I'll be adding extras like a CD burner, DVD drive and larger second hard drive later and I own a second copy of XP Home which I'll give her if the box doesn't come pre-loaded. Personally I'd be happy to cobble together a system from scratch (I've built a few including her present one) but she wants a put-together system, preferably with a name she recognizes on it. So here's all it has to have:

256 mb memory (not fussy about type)
1 Gig processor (again, not fussy)
10 Gig HD (again, will only be used for OS)
56k modem
decent video card (brand---? Strictly 2D and DVD viewing)
Decent sound card (Audigy would be nice)...speakers optional

Pretty basic, huh? What's my best deal on the net?
freightgod, I would build the system from scratch myself, have been doing that since 92 with all my computers, cheaper that way, plus it's fun.



Prodigal Son
Here is an HP Pavilion 7950 / AMD Athlon 1.2GHz / 128MB / 40GB / CDRW / DVD / 56K / NIC / Windows ME / Refurbished Desktop Computer


Link: Tiger Direct


AMD Athlon™ 1.2GHz Processor
128MB PC133 SDRAM Memory
40GB Hard Drive
16X DVD-ROM Drive
HP 12X8X32X CD-RW 9300 series Drive
3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Drive
nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 Video Card
Lucent 56k WinModem
Onboard Realtek Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Crystal WDM Audio
Polk Audio "F" Stereo Speakers
PS/2 2-button Mouse
PS/2 HP Internet/Multimedia Keyboard
Microsoft® Windows® ME
90 Day Limited Warranty

Just add a extra stick of ram and a monitor.

There are other deals out there. This is just an example. Look around. ;)


OSNN Addict
I just put together this:

amd duron 1.3/pc chips motherboard w/onboard 128bit 64mb (shared) memory/onboard ac97 sound
420w pwr sply
atx mini tower
384mb pc133 sdram
wd 60g 7200 ata 100
wd 40g 7200 ata 100
48-16-48 cdrw
all new for 302.50.
The barebones box was on eBay for 99 + 39 shipping, and I bought everything else new with rebates.

Granted, I'm using my old monitor/kbd/mouse, but you could spend the money I spent on hd for a monitor. All I had to do was plug everything together, it took about 2 1/2 hours. Easy.

Granted also theres 145 of my dollars floating around in rebate land for 2 months (what's up with that?)

OS and software are extra, not a problem for me but for you???

I haven't found anything close to what I got for what I paid, figure I saved $150 by plugging things in myself. Also saved on the onboard video/audio. My thought is that I can upgrade when I want, but spent the $ upfront on the hd, and so far the video is fine. Hard to imagine spending more for a video card than I did for the whole box!

have fun


Confused and Bewildered
Yeah, upon reflection, she really only needs a mb/processor/case/ps combo...the definition of a barebones system. All her other hardware is up to snuff. Thanks guys, I'm going shopping now...


Confused and Bewildered
Well, here's what I bought for $225.00 including shipping:


I know I could have shaved some more off by buying everything seperately, but I really have to get her up and running in one afternoon so I didn't want to dick around with the "backbone" of the system

I know it's not the latest and greatest but believe me its more than she needs and will keep her happy for a long time.

Thanks for the advice, everybody! What do you think of my purchase?

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