cheapest place to buy an xbox?


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hey guys, my sister wants an xbox, and my friends are going to the states, so its much better to buy it from the states than buy it from saudi. what shop would have it at the cheapest price? i went on walmart, but its sold out at 149.9 with 3 games and a controller.

Walmart Always Low Prices!
walmart and bestbuy are all competing in games/consoles and usually cost more than other places but if you want the cheapest try ebay they always have good cheap prices
i found these links
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This close to 2K5 I would wait for Xbox2 perhaps as both Xbox and PS2's are in short supply because of each having a newer version expected in 2K5.


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They're also in short supply because it's Christmas and Sony/Microsoft were too inept to prepare for the surge in sales. Working anywhere that sells the new PS2 isn't fun at the moment :p


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Xie said:
This close to 2K5 I would wait for Xbox2 perhaps as both Xbox and PS2's are in short supply because of each having a newer version expected in 2K5.
hah. That is going to be a long long wait. I wouldn't wait for a date that hasn't been announced.

themafia_69 said:
might end up buying it from a modchip site, cuz i wanna get it with a mod chip
Why not mod yourself? I fubar'ed by last Xbox ... and I went out to get a new one from Walmart, ordered a no-solder Spiderchip and I totally burned the chip. I ended up soldering more with the no-solder than I did with the Xecuter chip that I eventually got. But you should seriously consider soldering yourself and getting your own hard disk if you want. You'll save around a hundred dollars and even more over a pre-mod. Plus it's a great learning experience and you get great help from XS and the respective mod-chip makers.

As for the lack of PS2s and Xboxs ... if you go to smaller Wal-Marts in smaller towns ... there are tons of them.
ebgames, gamestop, and amazon have great offers for video game consoles. i think i saw a tv ad and it said they were going to offer the xbox with an extra game and blah blah blah for really cheap so defintely try to do it before the holidays are over


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A modded Xbox works perfectly fine on Live. Any chip that can be disabled can play Live fine. People who were banned were banned because Microsoft knew four things ... their EEPROM info and Hard Disk info before a new signup on Live and that those two change when you mod your box. Solution is to upgrade your HD before you sign up. My X3 works like a charm.


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yeah, vern i saw it might be much cheaper to get the hdd alone and such, but i might just get it premodded, there are xecuters that can be not soldered. soldering isnt that big of a problem i remmber i had my compound worker solder my xbox controlerr that i converted to a pc controller. but it is much easier for the xecuters. and here to put a chip it costs like 80 to 100 bucks, and they dont even have xecuters. and yeah you can turn off most chips now to play live, but my sister wont be playing live anytime soon, shes on dail up in sharm el sheikh so dont worry about live, she doesnt even know what live would do, i just want it so i can put all the games on the hdd, play any region dvd without getting the stupid dongle, all that can be dont with slayers auto evo-x installer its great, did it to my friends xbox!


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I never got my mod chip to work. I have the stupid thompson drive and they dont read burned cds really good so i never got any to work.


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well just to let u know, the xbox never reads cd-r, it only reads cd-rw and dvd-+r so if u used cd-r thats why it never worked


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One things is true ... if you are having trouble getting a modchip to work, you haven't read enough. I'm not even sure how many countless hours I spent over at and


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head on over, to it has amazing tutorials, even some to teach u how to use a computer dvd drive instead of ur xbox drive, that will solve the problem, or even to replace the xbox drive with a normal dvd drive (pc drive)

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