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Cheap Solution Required


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My problem is when hot my computer stops with disk access light on and before ide1 is accessed. This stops me booting and I have to wait for machine to cool down again before booting. My proposed solution is an Eide card which must be bootable and capable of using my 200GB disk anyone tell me if this would work and the approximate cost?
if your computer freezes when hot getting an EIDE card wont solve your problem. Take of the side of the case, take a house fan and blow air inside to keep your pc cool. If the computer doesnt lock up when hot, you know you have a heat issue you need to work on. If it still freezes up, chances are heat isnt your problem.


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Its funny you should suggest that! Its exactly what I have done to cool PC down side off and 12" fan takes about 15 mins before it will reboot. Strangely enough CPU heats UP measured with Sisoft Sandra so the power has to be off.
if you have a 12 inch fan blowing directly on the heatsink i dont think the cpu should over heat. unless the heatsink is loose or something odd like that. how long does it take for the computer to freeze once it is running, and are u running any programs or games when it freezes or is it when the cpu is ideling at the desktop. Also what kind of CPU is it
one other question is what is the ambient temperature in the room? Are you in the middle of the Sahara or something? Something doesn't seem to add up with your heat problem...


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Well one of the Questions should be how old is the pc? what make is the PC? Some of the Pre- Built Pc's Come with generic heatsink compound which can degrade and dryout over time leading to the Heat issue.If it is a self built system then you should check to see if you applied the compund correctly. too little or too much can lead the same issue. A more appropriate Solution is to buy some HS compund, Remove and Clean Heatsink and Apply fresh Compound. This in Addition to a Compressed air dusting in short Bursts Should Help to Clear up the heat issue. it would not hurt to also remove your case fans and clean them with a cotton swap dipped in a all purpose cleaner such as 409 or simple green. hope this helps you solve your problem.


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I shall try and answer all questions because when warm the POST stops at IDE0 access this makes me think it is the IDE chip on motherboard.
The computer is 4 yrs old and is a Medion model with Intel P4 1.6GHZ, approximately 6 months ago I added a second disk and noticed no ill effects for some time. When monitoring temperatures i found drives running warm 42C and fitted a fan at rear of cabinet, still no problems. Until the warm failure to boot started happening occasionally and has got worse over a period of months. The PC is in the front room and is left on overnight.
Yeah, Hard drives do get warm. But 42C is pretty darn hot. Some processors with nice cooling idle at that temp. You should clean your fans or case with 91%+ Isopropyl Alcohol. Available at most drug stores and grocery stores. I get a 32FL OZ bottle of it from CVS for $1.98. Some Q-Tips to clean corners and work away. That's just for cleaning. Your heat issue we'd need some more info. You should find out your room temperature. Is there a heatrun near your computer, does your computer sit in the sunlight all day? Stuff like that.
Just to let you know i tried the PCI card boot solution still locks up on reboot when warm IE running overnight. Then tried a hard disk cooler on IDE0 readings are now CPU 34c drive 0 28c drive 1 42c and it still locks up just as before!!!! Only option appears to be new PC
Thanx for all suggestions

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