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cheap laptop



does anyone know where i can get a cheap laptop used primarily for gaming. i would prefer to customize it the way i want in order to save money. i dont need any software, os etc, etc. what i do need is a fast processor, good vid card and decent sized hard drive. THATS IT! ive looked on auction sites but there are tons of scams going on. ive checked at dell etc but i cant configure them the way i want ie. you are forced to buy os and software. i dont have a tonne of money but need a laptop because i will be travelling a lot in the near future. does anyone have any ideas about where i can get a good, somewhat cheap laptop that can play todays latest games?Thanks
P.S. i live in canada


hardware monkey
laptop with fast processor and good video? and CHEAP?!?!? you're absolutely nuts. cheapest you'll find with halfway decent 3d capabilities is around $1500. i have a dell inspiron p3 1ghz and mobility radeon 7500 and it cost $1700 after rebates. and it's not near as fast my my system you see below.

they have the geforce4 440 Go available now... which is actually a really nice card... best for any laptop. but the cheapest with that card is $1900 right now.

just a warning, but even the best geforce2 go isn't very good. bout as fast as a gf2 mx 200 (which is bad).

a majority of laptops have little or no 3d acceleration and share system memory.
I agree, I have a laptop and a desktop and I do my gamin g only on my desktop cause of the faster processor (and the gforce 4 4400 =]
Laptop will not be cheap with 3d acceleration. For a really good gaming laptop be prepared to spend $1800.00+ (US)
Originally posted by catch23
...Laptops aren't the best things to game on..
You can't run extremely fast processors because they overheat...
The video cards in laptops are much older technology because grahpics cards have to be made mobile and produce less heat.
Well P4 1.8 is pretty fast... And GF4Go is pretty new...

u_diddy: A friend of mine bought a second hand (demo machine I think) laptop at Toshiba's website. That could be worth a try. But you won't find a fast gaming machine cheap. At least $1500 as taurus said.

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