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HELP ME!!!!!!!! I can't get to #xperience with mIRC or jIRC
:( :mad:
I get a message "Unable to Connect" with both :mad: I can't go 12 hrs at work and not chat dammit :p

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Don't mess with jIRC.
In mIRC , check if you can connect using a different server , different nick and ident. also check if all the options are correct ( if you are using an IRC firewall try connecting without it).

also if using a firewall or an Internet access control frog check if mIRC is allowed to access the web.


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I've tried every EFNet server that's listed and I still can't connect. Believe me, I tried everything I can think of before posting this rant.


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Using mIRC this is the message I get:
(06:54:50) * Connecting to efnet.cs.hut.fi (6667)
(06:54:53) * Unable to connect (Connection refused)
(06:54:58) * Connect retry #1 efnet.cs.hut.fi (6667)
(06:54:59) * Unable to connect (Connection refused)
(06:55:00) * Cancelled connect
(06:55:00) * Connecting to irc.easynews.com (6666)
(06:55:01) * Unable to connect (Connection refused)
(06:55:06) * Connect retry #1 irc.easynews.com (6665)

Did my company finally decide to close the ports? :(


I may actually be insane.
/server irc.efnet.org 6666

try that, using the default port never used to work for me at college, yet usng 6666 always did


I may actually be insane.
Hrm, next thing we did at college was Remote Desktop, Don't suppose you have that turned on on your home computer ?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Maybe you manged to **** up mirc ( i do that all the time, but i'm "special") , try downloading a fresh copy.

also make sure there is no program that limits mirc's access to the internet.

If nothing else works you can always download a port scanner and see what ports are open and what ports are closed...


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Posted by xsivforce
I have a feeling they blocked the ports for IRC at work. They did it where I work. :mad:
Think you're right xsiv...with all the changes that are happening and will be happening... Really pisses me off :mad: Now I'll have to get access to install programs and install MSN, ICQ, whatever :p But it's not the same as chatting with you all in #xperience :(

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