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What is a good chat program that does not load junk on your computer. My wife and I are apart for a while do to my job. I do not like Aol, yahoo, or Msn Mess because of the junk in them. Thanks
MSN Messenger - Good voice quality and video quality. Decent text messaging [for PMs... I never used the MSN rooms]. Downside is that w/o WLM 8 you can't do offline messaging.

Yahoo! - Good voice quality in rooms. With v7 I hate the new PM voicing system. Video quality is so-so. Text chatting in rooms is so-so but in PMs it's junk since I can't seem to receive or send any PMs lately from the people I want. The program as a whole is a pile of dung, IMO. It's one big bug riddled client.

Eyeball Chat - Good voice and video. You can do a lot of tweaking with how it uses bandwidth. Yucky text chatting. Unfortunately this free client hasn't been updated in a long time but it still works and it's great if you have problems with firewalls, etc.

Camfrog - Great video and voice quality. Good text chatting. Nice solid program that is basically Yahoo on steroids and actually works. Downside is... no offline messaging.

ICQ - I haven't used it in a long long time. This had probably the best file transfer of any chat client.

mIRC - The old standby. Text-only but it works and does the job. Of course you need a decent IRC server to join but if you can't find one then you shouldn't be using a computer.

NOTE: My opinions were purely based on person-to-person chats and no using a "room" within the client if the client supported rooms.

ejn74 said:
What about google talk? Has anyone used it?
Actually, for your specific purpose, it might be a very good choice.
Clean, spartan UI, and the only things it can do are text-based chat and PC-to-PC voice sessions (which actually work very well).

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