Chat and firewall?


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not sure if this is my firewall - have used chat before.... in the evening (GMT)... now daytime, so have VPN in place where company I work for insists in RAPTOR firewalling - and chat gives this screen.... (attached)

Or is it something else? (I did try both my NTFS password and the relevant VPN, but java was not happy and I had to back off...) so no chat for me, just forum! :rolleyes:


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It's your or your firewall, I'm able to login with no problem. Although [e]-Punk needs to change the font color from white to something darker


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Yeah - I kinda knew, just thought I'd run it by you - and hey yes indeed (should EP read this) I agree with you Jewellz... font/colour needs to be made happier for chat!


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Isn't there an Nvidia option for that? :rolleyes: ;)

Anyways - I get white on grey... it couldn;t be the theme setting you have could it? (I take defaults)

I have faith in EP - and I also believe (if he wanted to) he could give us a happy, sad, angry, etc, other, etc font for chat .... HMMMmmmm is that an idea? Should I patent it like MS are trying to patent the "thingummy is typing a reply" technology!


Nawwww - you're all welcome to my ideas, make of them what you will!

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Npt sure why you would get a white background and white text.
I can only presume this is a problem with jpilot and I will look into it..

Can you connect with mirc?


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actually it is not at work - I just put the firewall up when working from home.... or rather the company puts it up on the network I VPN to...

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