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ok I need some major help because I am HUGE n00b when it comes to changing themes...
first of all would it be better to use styleXP or the UXTheme Patcher?
Next after I get one of these to work where should I put the files so they work properly.
Also since I don't know much about it I might be not asking the right questions so if anyone can help with adding some unknown to me information it would be very appreciated
I'd say use the UXtheme patch, because it's free and has almost the same functionality as StyleXP.
You can store your theme files anywhere, but the default location is C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes
To apply a new theme, either go to the theme's folder and double click the .msstyle file or select the theme from the Appearances tab in your display properties.


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the patch has no where near the functionlaity of stylexp, but it is free and most people only want to apply themes, so thats your best bet.
Some themes come with a .theme file as well as a .msstyle file. If so, click that one it will also be listed in the themes tab of display properites


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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ok after doing it and seeing that I would rather use StyleXP everytime I start my computer I get this application removal tool thing that pops up...someway I can stop that?

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