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Does anyone know how to change the sizeof the icons in the quicklaunch taskbar from large to small in WinXP?
OK this is how I did it:

Right click on the blank bit next to Log Off / Turn Off My Computer > Properties

Start Menu > Customize... > General > Select an icon size for programs > Small Icons

Thats great for the start menu items, but not for the quicklaunch,
I have been looking for the same info for quite some time.... I'm guessing it takes a Reg edit to do.
I did manage to did it on my last install of XP, but when I re-installed and upgraded to SP1 realised that I had completely forgotten how I'd done it. It's not in an obvious place tho'

I can tell you how but not why ;)

The size of the icons in the Quick Launch toolbar is directly related to the size of the Active Title Bar (Display Properties / Appearance / Advanced).
Right click an empty space in quicklaunch - view - large icons/small icons. Is that what you are looking for or do you want to change them more?
There is no "view" option when I right click empty space on quicklaunch. WinXP SP1

There should be. Sometimes it is difficult to find an empty space. Unlock the taskbar, grab the quicklaunch and increase it, then try again.
Just discovered there is no "view" option when the taskbar is locked. Unlocked taskbar and there it was, thanks yoyo!

I saw the "VIEW" option, but there is no way to make them smaller than the "Small Icons" setting there, anyone know how to make them smaller than the "Small Icons" setting?????

I still think it's going to be a reg edit thing.......
If you really want very tiny icons, right click desktop, properties, appearence, advanced. In the window click on the minimize/maximize/close buttons and reduce the size. This setting will make icons smaller wherever they are displayed as small icons, quick launch and other toolbars, start menu programs, titlebar. Don't think it is possible to change the size for quicklaunch only. It will not effect the min/max/close buttons as long you don't use Windows classic theme.
If you should insist on a registry tweak you can directly make the changes in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop\WindowMetrics Caption Height
right click on the task bar make sure it is NOT locked (no check mark on "lock the task bar"
right click in the area between the start button and the the icons your cursor should turn into a double arrow
select view
Change the to small icons.
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I know this is a really old thread, but to answer the original question asked... The answer to "how do I make my quick launch icons smaller" is:

Right click the quick launch, select view, and choose small icons.
thanks for sharing it as I was looking for it from the long time.

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