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Changing the Administrator password

My friend has just bought the kids a laptop. During the installation of XP the admin password was left blank. Now what they want me to do is add a password to this account so if anything goes wrong i can get in to fix it. Problem being as there is no password on it i can't seem to add one. I use the command "control userpasswords2" and try and change it there. It seems to do it but when it reaches the welcome logon screen, i do the 3 fingered salute and try and log in as admin but it won't let me do it. says something like " Unable to log you on because of an account restriction" can any one help.

Using XP Home SP2
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Is it xp home or pro. If it's xp home the administrator account is disabled unless you're running in safe mode. :)
I'll give it a go in safe mode as it is Home Edition

Ok managed it on safe mode. Is there a way to allow the Admin account without going in to safe mode.
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