Changing start location for searching


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29 Aug 2002
Not sure if this is a tweak - but I think it is.... also may overlap with something like W2K style search, but it is such a small thing yet quite irritating so I am sure someone has worked it out....

When you open a search box the default start for your search is always set to start menu, which is not usually what you require. Is there a way to set the default to something like C: - which is probably far more typical for disorganised people like me :rolleyes:
why thank you kindly for making your first post a bump at least for a question I asked almost a whole year ago! Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated - unfortunately the link you give simply refers to a change that would be no different to making a shortcut to explore the C: drive - what I am after is adapting the start location for SEARCH (F3 should bring it up if you are not with me)....

Anyway maybe this bump will bring up an answer - and thanks again for trying!
i think in XP you search starts whichever folder you're in as default
yeah you are right there fishboy - and that makes sense EVERY time EXCEPT when you pull up the search from the START MENU... yeah? I mean I can see the purity of the design, or the slopiness of the programming, depending how you look at this - they should n't maybe have put it on the start menu? Then again I can imagine systems where folks have let their start menu proliferate in such an uncontrolled and disorganised way they actually need to search from there.....

WEIRD! I am now playing around with search and it is NOT starting from the START MENU!!! yet I have not made any regisrty edits or anything much else, apart from play about with a few searches.... as well - obviously XP has decided to read my mind and act as I wish here, or I just forgot something I changed..... I know others are familiar with the scenario I described though... where the SEARCH window comes up with a location you have no intention of searching in and you have to adjust accordingly....

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