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Changing oil


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It can depend on how much extra you put in. half a quart probably woln't be a problem. How much extra did you put in?


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Yes it can smoke if more than a quart has been added. Also due to oil pressure inside engine and the extra oil (again, more than a quart, usually around two quarts), you can begin to push oil past seals, such as the rear main seal, front engine seal, cam seal, etc. Your car would smoke because the oil is pushing past the piston rings going into the combustion chamber and burning off through the exhaust. And no, it will not make you car rev any faster. That Henry is some other problem. Best thing is to let the car cool off. Then loosen the oil drain plug and pull it out and let some oil drain out. Put the plug back in quickly so as not to drain too much. Make sure you use a clean container/pan to catch the oil you drain out. This is in case you drain out too much and have to put some back. Then check the dip stick.

Oh, and don't do it again. And don't drive it around for too long with excess oil in the engine. Once seals begin to leak for a period of time they will continue to leak even after the excess oil has been drained.

Good Luck.
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And now off to bed. Rough day, had a 95 Explorer with bad fuel pump. Pullin fuel tank and it took a nose dive (the tank) and snapped a fuel line (flex/nylon type). Oooh what fun. Ford sells only the complete fuel line from front of truck all the way to the back. Steel and flex. They want a buck sixty for it (translation: 160 dollars) Blaaaah! :s Fixed it my way. Happy joy joy. :D

Nite Nite.


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well in the car i changed the oil in is my 03 focus...i put in 5 quarts...and then added two more today.....my volvo only takes 5...so i just wanted to make sure...ill drain some tomorrow....thanks a bunch


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You added what!? :eek: *slaps failurbydesign with 2 empty oil bottles* Bad bad bad... Oh, and did I mention, BAD! :p


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The '03 Focus with 2.0L Ztec-E engine only takes 4.5 quarts with oil filter change.

2.0L Ztec-E SVT is the same.

2.0L SPI is only 4 quarts. (with oil filter change.)

and the 2.3L takes 4.5 quarts. (with oil filter change.)

Soooooo, you have to much anyway with the 5 quarts ya put in.

Arrrrrrrrrg! :eek:


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On that note... A digital dash is for people who never could tell time.... :D They had to see the numbers on a clock.. :D Anyway, back on topic...

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