Changing my IP address to

1. Make sure your ISP allows you to use domain names (mosts don't).
2. Buy the domain name
3. Point the domain to your IP (done when buying).
4. Wait a week or two.
5. Done!

If 1. fails, buy space at a web hotel.


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Originally posted by catch23
Either way...that's still not your IP technically...though directed to your IP.
details, i have server/root domain/email/web running on a dsl, which has a full time static address which never changes. until i give up the account its my address........ its on their subnet, but i consider it my address. its an expression.

anyway yes it can be done, buy a domain name and have your ISP add it to their DNS servers to point at/resolve to your web server and/or your own DSN server to resolve past the root name or at least somewhere it has to have a DNS record pointing that domain name to a page (on free page from host for holding name maybe) and then a redirector and be placed to anywhere else.

oh and you ment its pointed to

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