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21 Dec 2001
I have a question for ya.How do you change the IRQ assignment of Plug-and-Play devices in XP Home?Everything is running fine,no problems,but my modem and my GeForce 3 use the same IRQ.I want to move one to a different IRQ to see if my 3DMark scores improve and to try to lower my latency in CounterStrike.Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
go to device manager, click view resources by type, then expand IRQ branch, right click on your device click properties then go to resources and you may be able to change it by unticking use automatic settings, although for some reason that option for me is grayed out

didn't used to be in win98:(
it better be grayed out! Windows XP and 2k use a shared IRQ infrastructure therefore removing all(usually) IRQ conflicts.
your 3dmark scores aren't gonna improve, only time the modem might even harm them is in online gaming and even there thats a stretch, as long as there isn't heavy data coming in on the modem as you are running 3dmark (and there shouldn't unless ya run it while online) then your fine

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