Changing Image to Black and White

this may sound stupid but i took a picture of this work sheet for a science class cuz i don't have a scanner. and when i uploaded it, the image was of course a little grayer cuz it can't capture white perfectly. how do i change it to just regular white and black, so when i print it, it only prints the black part u know? i tried fooling around with black and white modes but it still doesn't make it as white as possible.
if u wanna see what im talking about click below



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Go to Image>Attributes and under colors, click black and white. Not sure if that'll do it, but I don't think what you're asking can be done properly in ms paint. Unfortunately that's all I have as well. Do you have access to a better graphical program?


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paintshop pro, pretty painless.
there is a demo version you can get.

i was trying to save as much detail as possible. Was the image you posted adjusted for brightness/contrast? try changing to 2 color, without adjusting B/C


Changing an image to 2 colors dosent work as well as you might want. You will lose a lot of detail.
Adjust the levels not the brightness / contrast this way you have more control and it wont look washed out.

Here is my contribution...

Photshop CS.
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I use Paint Shop Pro 9. But as PK said reducing to a 2 color is a bit drastic and you loose a bit of detail. I tend to be a bit extreme and do a "fill" on images that wind up grayish like the one you had. It takes a bit longer but the result is a more detailed finished product.


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I use a program called Irfanview. It's free, it's easy, it's fresh and it's clean. Download it from HERE.

Once you download it, install then file open, go to IMAGE then ENHANCE COLORS. Once there, increase contrast to about 90. I did this with your example and it looked fine. here it is::laugh:



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you can also do what Psuedokliller suggested but with IrfanView. FIle COLOR two colors and yur done !

funk doc

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If u are using Photoshop u can press Ctrl+l to change the levels of the black and white.

and in the bottom right corner there are 3 ink-drop icons. One for the black levels, one for the gray levels and, ofcourse one for the white levels. if u click on the white one and the click on the grey area that supposed to be white. That way it adjusts the whole pic.

like this:


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