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Changing Directories (CD) across a network?



Hi all, I need some dos commands please:

I'm trying to access a 'distribution share' (i386) folder across a network, inorder to reinstall win2k Server.

The files I need to get at are on a workstation (WinXP) called 'LittleOne', which is on the network and I can access freely with my demoted server.
The path to the files on LittleOne is: C:\i386.

Now how do I get there from my current location which is on a demoted server: I used F8 and boot into safe mode with a dos prompt: So currently I'm at C:\ on the server (which is called AusuServer):

I hope that makes sense. I do not know how to use the CD command to cross the network and access a different computer/drive.



is the i386 folder setup 2 be shared?? Does the i386 have a share name? Or is the machine 'littleone' 2000 or XP.

if so try this:

At the DOS propt type:

net use * \\littleone\c$

this will map a network drive to the c drive on the 'littleone' machine. It will tell you which drive it has mapped this resource too, e.g s:

then simply switch to the s: drive


and enter the i386 directory

cd i386

A 'dir' should reveal all the files you need. You can also just go into my computer and enter the S drive and then the i386 folder.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on

P.S Also simply try entering \\littleone\c$ on Start>Run


I'm sorry Hal...
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Well you can't do that in safe mode, becuase you probably arn't connected to the network. If you do ahve network support in safe mode, the CD command does not support changing folders across a network (that isn't mapped)
or how DOS puts it "CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories."

In windows, run explorer and go to tools -> map network drive and if the folder you are trying to get to is shared then click browse and naviagte to it. Ok all that and the folder is mapped to the drive letter you choose


One more question,

How do I 'Unmap' the drive I've created?
and why use the C$ instead of just C?



ok to unmap the command simply type:

net use driveletter: /del

so if it were drive s: the command would be:

net use s: /del

The $ signifys that it is a a hidden share, all hdds are set up as hidden shares as standard on windows 2000/XP(I believe). This share will not be visable if you simply just browse to the server (e.g. \\littleone\)

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