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Hi all.

I have a trouble that I hope someone can help me with. I need to change the route for internet access on a pc running windows XP. The pc has two NICs one wireless and one cable. The cable one is attached to a corp. network and the wireless card is connected to an DSL internet sharing. If I disconnect the network cable I can use the DSL internetl, but as soon as I connect the corp net cable the routing table changes so all internet access is to go throgh the cable.

Is there any way to configure win XP so that it primarily uses the w-lan card for internet access and still have access to the corp. net (exchange) throgh the cabled network??




If you open the network connections in the control panel, you can configure you two different nics for different ways you want to use them. I would tell the wizard to set your nic for your dsl line that it will connect to the internet directly and the other nic will not connect to the internet. However, I've never done this but in theory, it should work.

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From a command prompt type route print to see your active routing table, or type route /? for a list of other switches. To add a static route you will want to use the Route Add command to force a particular route for some IP traffic.

The basic syntax is this:

route [-p] add mask metric if

For example,

route -p add mask metric 1 if 0x20003

This sample command uses the -p option to add a persistent route (i.e., that will still be in place, even after a reboot, to all destinations. This persistent route will use the gateway with the highest priority (i.e., metric 1) on interface 0x20003 (i.e., wireless network). The last piece of this information is the interface. Determining which value to use for the interface can sometimes be confusing. Basically, you use the Interface List value that appears in the first part of the routing table. Although this information is easy to obtain, the first part of the routing table often scrolls off screen, leaving users unsure of what value to use.

Hopefully that made sense... :)



Thnx. I've tried the solution you provided but when I set wireless lan card to be the highest priority I lose connection with the corp. net. Is it possible to set a persistant route on the cable nic to (it uses DHCP for IP) so that it has Metric 2 or something??


2 internet connections

Hi, I will have almost the same thing if I decide to buy for an ADSL connection. I have a network with internet ( and it's going to have all ports bloqued in few months. We will be only able to go on Internet Explorer and nothing else! Maybe not but some ports get bloqued since one year. But this connection is T3, so it is very fast for downloading from HTTP or FTP (1000 kb/s). So I'm thinking about DSL, that is slower but will let me do what I want with my internet connection. I would like to be able to use the 2 internet connections at a time. If I'm downloading something, I would like to be able to use the 2 internet connections, like Multilink PPP. Is it possible ? Or if I can't, is it possible to choose what program will use which internet connection ? At the worst, I would want to be able to keep my network connection for faster transfer with others PC with the network and have the internet with the ADSL.

Thanks a lot !

P.S.: I have WinXP pro, an internal 10 mbps card and will have an USB 100 mbps ethernet card.