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Change partition size?

When installing Windows XP, I set my single hard-drive to use two partitions (C + D).

I've been installing all my programs onto C, while putting things like mp3s and downloads on D. While I do have over a gig of downloads, I still have 8gigs free space (on D), while on C I only have 200megs free space.

So is there a way I can change ntfs partition size WITHOUT losing any data or formatting?
Also will I need any extra software or can I do it with the standard tools?

You'll need third party software - Partition Magic 7 to be specific. There are probably other resizers out there, but I've used and can recommend PM7 (haven't tried it with ntfs yet, maybe someone can verify that it will work ok with that file system).
I must agree with Lonman, Partition Magic 7 IS the way to go. I've resized partitions (and all three had OS's on them) with no trouble.

I haven't tried it with NTFS filesystems yet, but does well with FAT32 and Linux filesystems.
Yep. To your advice I got me a copy of Partition Magic 7 and well I'm just so lucky it is forgiving on the newby!
I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but after fiddling with some bars I got it to move 3 gigs off one partition to another.
The only thing that you have to do is leave the free space at the beginning of D not the end (or something like that).

Anyway thanks for your support, it worked.


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