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19 Apr 2002
Does anybody know how to change the default button assignments in Direct X For a Device. I want to change them so that i can specify another button on my device as button 1 other than the one that was set as button one by default.

As an example of what i mean - i have a Dual PSX adapter which allows me to use a PS2 Joypad on my PC, the triangle (top) button by default is the main selection button in all games, i want to change this so that it is the X (bottom) button by default. Looking in Game Controllers shows that by default triangle is button 1, i wish to change button 1 to the X button.

I use default windows drivers.
have you tried running "dxdiag" from run line yet? theres an "input" tab that perhaps will allow you to mess w/ your controller ... I don't have one so no idea :p
Yeah, i looked into that but i cannot see anywhere where i can do it.

I swear i saw a proggy once that would let you do it - it wasnt JoyToKey but something similar - dammed if i can find it though.

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