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Change Default Wallpaper...How?


Jason Roberts

Hi. Not a big problem really.

When ever you create a new user account in Windows XP, the default settings are loaded. One thing I wanted changed is the wallpaper. I have a good wallpaper that i would like to have my computer set for every account I create instread of the default Bliss wallpaper. Is this possible and if yes, how? Thanks.:)


not possible, you'll have to do it manually .. I would think you would have to alter the os source to do it ...
you could change the bliss file to the pic you wanted, and then rename bliss to "ms bliss" or something - thats probably the easier way - Companies do this on pre-built machines... my gf's mum just bought an advent machine last week and it came with an advent wallpaper on - so it must be possible - just not sure how. Perhaps with the unattended install app?

Jason Roberts

Thank you all. I do have both versions of Windows XP. I will go into XP Pro and then alter the setting soon after I get off the net.

PS: Off Topic: How do I add an image to my signature in this forums?
Originally posted by Funky Dredd
Use group policy and change the active desktop to whatever you want.

You also you can do more then set default backgrounds with Group Polices. If you use StyleXP and you want to only be able to use 1 Visual Style because everyone only likes that one, It can be done with Group Polices (Hey you can even change Throbbers without using Edensoft My Logo)

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