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Chaintech 7VJDA


I may actually be insane.
I have a ChainTech 7VJDA main board, and I want to upgrade my current CPU, but I can not find the max clock speed that this board will take.

Can anyone help me?
All i could find was from the bios version log was
7VJDA 4 31D9 2002/1/29 Feature: 1.Support AMD CPU XP 2000+ ,2100+ and 2200+ .
And the latest bios revision just says
7VJDA 5 0E93 2002/8/12 Feature: - Fixed windows install sometimes fail with FSB 133Mhz CPU,- Update USB controller register according VIA fixed Logitech M-S48A ( USB mouse ) can not be detected if SB version ( VT8233 0211CE ).- Fixed ACPI shutdown temperature fail .
So officially it only seems to support 2200+ but i would put money on it supporting the 2400+ (i believe this to be the last 266fsb cpu) there is no jumper for the Multiplier its just the standard bios/cpu auto detect feature.

(Been away a while so a bit rusty;) )


I may actually be insane.
Well I intend to bung a 2400+ in here, as you say.. it's the last 266mhz, so that was my reckoning :)

Un-fortunately chaintech's site is useless and their damned support form doesn't work >_<
They dont give an e-mail addy either.

A 2200 would be better than what I have now, But if I can definately get away with a 2400 I'd rather do that :)


I Have a similar 7KJDO Chaintech board with an Athlon XP support bios upgrade from Sept 2002.
This does support all XP processors on 266 FSB inc 2200+ and 2400+ .
However it goes into standby on reboot and half the time will not boot from entry into the bios either.
Debugging was suggested as not overheating and have 425w PSU .
Set the multiplier to auto ,as no facility over x12


Message to Speed B
For Chaintech support go to "support@chaintech.nl" (Holland).
They reply within 24 hours !
The Taiwan site support form does not work as you discovered.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by Geffy
hrmm I was considerin a Chaintech a little while ago, I am almost glad I went with another brand
this issue doesn't really say anything for the manufacturer. it's the older (KT266A) chip that's the factor in this.

Abit claims the KR7A-RAID (KT266A, as well) is only good up to the 2100+... but a friend got a 2400+ working in his, no problem. so there's no reason why a 2600+ 266fsb wouldn't work either.

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