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cell phone ringtones - and another problem ?


oO ShifterZ Oo

well i know this is the xp forums and stuff but this is like my home of forums so ill try here ne ways. I have a siemens s40 mobile phone, and i wanted to find some free ringtones here in the USA to send sms if anyone knows anysites?

and an other problem i have just installed a face plate for my phone and everything works except onething, i cant hear anything. is there a something the guy didnt connect or did he break it? ima really concered.


hmm dunno 'bout the ringtones... they're really hard to find for free nowadays, which is so lame. as for the problem with ur sound... when whoever replaced ur face plate, they might have knocked loose the speaker... or something like that. it's happened to me before, which pissed me off, so i went back and demanded to know why it happened. that's why whenever i change my face plate, ESPECIALLY when other people are the ones doing the changing, i ALWAYS check right then and there the buttons and rings and stuff, to make sure the speaker didn't get knocked loose. but yeah, i'd go back to whoever changed ur plate and have him see why it happened.

oO ShifterZ Oo

yah, i feel the same way i kept on thinking of this sH** but like yea, so i guess he knocked the speaker off or somethin, ill have him fix it, u should anyhow. BUT THANKS i think ur post help calm me down. HHAHAHA (I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO) HAHAHHAHA LOL THANKS THOU!

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