Celeron 1.1GHZ motherboard

Someone gave me a brand new Celeron 1.1 GHZ CPU which I'm thinking of putting it together to make another PC for me.
What / which mother board supports that CPU ? I would prefer the one with onboard video/audio (don't mind the video upgrade since I have an extra Nvidia for later use).Where can I order one ?
The CPU : Celeron 1.1 GHZ Socket 370 FC-PGA2
Motherboard ???
Memory depending on the motherboard.Either which is okay.Doesn't have to be an 'up' performance PC, just a normal one for normal applications.Maybe a 512 MB and 40 Gb HDD.Thanks


i recommend Cheap pc100 sd ram, because its the fastest memory that the celery processors support, also ALL motherboards support UDMA 100 so a "WESTERN DIGITAL 40gb HD" will do the job,

cost for all is less than $100:D well £'s actually cos im from UK.:cool:


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intel p3 boards......... d815XX d810XX do a search for "d81*" on ebay youll get a list of a bunch
a d815eea-al say has sound/video/lan/and an agp slot for later.... and can be had for less than $40 or so


I've just set up a couple of pc's with the Gigabyte GA-6VTXE-A (1.1 and 1.3 celeron).

Seems to work fine and has onboard sound plus loads of overclocking potential.
These are getting a bit old now so you can buy them new for around £50 :)

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