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Ok, before i go out and buy and new cdrw, im wondering if its really necessary and if my current cdrw can be saved. i have an Acer 24x10x40x. When i try to burn an iso file or any other large file, i get errors on the cd when attempting to copy off the burnt cd back onto the hdd or ill get errors on installation from the burnt cd. also, i tried to install an non-burnt cd, (real aka legit) from it and i get errors on the game after installing. i installed with my dvd-rom and all went well.

anyone tell me what i can do and wtf is going on?


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my first piece of advise would be to get the latest firmware update for your drive... but if yours is the 2410A, like i suspect, then there isn't one.

if the drive is having trouble even reading normal cd's, then it's probably on it's way out. :(


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First checks:

Are the blank CD's and the original CD's clean and scratch free? If not clean them (eyeglass cleaner and a cotton cloth). If scratched deep enough to make a difference you are probably hosed. The "scratch remover kits only work on superficial damage.

When you try and burn are you burning at faster than the cdrw is rated for?

Are you using the right media (blanks). I have gotten some blanks (fuji) that made coasters at their rated speed (24x, but would burn at 16x). The dyes used on the cd's vary. Try a really slow speed like 4x.

Second checks:
The CDRW's laser could be dirty (smoke film, dust, etc). I've heard of cleaning kits but have never seen one. I'm surprised you haven't gotten any error messages with the failures. Do you turn on verify after burn in your burning program? Nero IMHO is much better than Easy Cd. If you're not using Nero try it.

Are these CD's you are trying to install or copy "copy protected". Not all drives can work with some of the copy protection schemes. Some CD's can not even be read with some CDRW.

Lastly. Try some of the troublesome CD's on another burner. If it works there it's your burner, software, or maybe the IDE cable.


ok, i use memorex cdr's, and i got a pack of 50 of them. other then mp3 cds i burnt, movies etc are no good. At first i thought it was Nero, but then i tried easy cd, still says burn was successfull, but when i actually work with the cd, its no good. im positive the blank cds i used are not scratched since they right out of the package and no way like 10 in a row are scratched. the cds support at 52x burning so that fine. oh and if it helps, the errors the burnt cds that came off my cdrw drive are crc errors. i had the drive for a little over a year, so i dunno wtf is wrong with it.

if i can find a cd lens cleaner quickly, ill try that out


try checking your ram. have you installed any new ram before you started getting errors?

take the ram out and reseat it firmly into the mobo... i was getting crc errors on my old burner until i discovered it was the ram... changing it worked fine.

not sure if it would be the ram for certain cuz you said you can run cds fine on your dvdrom but not on the cdrw... but its worth checking imho

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