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CDRW Detects no free space..EVER!

Hi All

I Have 2day noticed that everytime i put a CDRW disc in my drive which i know has space left on it, my comp says there is no freespace on the disc? i have tried it with several discs an still the same prob, i have not tried it wit a CDR cos i dont have any @ the mo, so i dont even know if i can rite info 2 a disk. i have recently installed Alcohol 120% and Easy CD Creator 5 maybe these have somehow altered the propites i have uninstalled my TEAC cd 516 EB Drive. Also i have uninstalled an reinstalld the TEAC cd 516 EB drivers. but it still dont work.... i dont wanna have to uninstall alchol, any suggestions? pls help?


can sum 1 help me pls? ive just uninstalled Alchhol 120% an i still got the same prob, ive tried some cdrw discs in my dvd drive an that says no space as well, it says there only 7mb or 13 mb discs depends wats on um an that they got no free space

pls help


Is your CDRW set as master or slave? some CDRW's will only work when set as master....

The problem may also be w/ EasyCD. I've never used it, I'm a Nero guy myself, but I have known many a person who has had nothing but problems w/ EasyCD in XP....

Also may want to check out compatability issues, a friend of mine had a Samsung burner that would not work w/ EasyCd b/c some Samsung burners were not supported on her version of EasyCD...I have no idea what version she was using.

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