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CDRom troubles.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I have a slight problem here, I drop my windows XP Sp1(slipstreamed) cdr into player, it wont autostart. Look in "my computer" to see if drive knows cdr is in it, it doesn't know. double click on drive, it says insert cd. Try my original Xp cdr, no luck, this time my WinServer 2003beta cdr, same thing. it also happens with my WinME cdr, or any other cdr for that matter. Okay I thought, bad player. Swap player out with a new dvdrom, same thing happens all over again. check my device manager, uninstall driver and reinstall, same thing again. both players will not recognize that there is a cd in there. Now I shut down and reboot with Slipstreamed cdr in it. again will not recognize. try reboot with original XP cdr and it boots, I do the repair windows installation, all done. same thing happening again. Even though I have not touched my services, is it something in there that I can check? Device manager troubleshoot doesn't help either. maybe a bad ide wire? There is power going to the player. Any assistance will greatly appreciated.



I agree with taurus there.

*collects taurus' bet*
Any other takers? I'm giving generous odds here folks.
- 2:1 that it's a bad cable/connection
- 3:1 that it's something else.
Note: odds subject to change :p


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks guys, for all the replies....

I did end up fixing it. Took a chance, and went into "msconfig", saw remnants of a previous CDClone trial version install in the startup tab. Went into registry, removed those pesky entries, rebooted and got my cd player back. Thanks Hipster for the good read, that's were I got the idea to go look in msconfig.

Jumpy and Taurus, put me down for a $20. LOL


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