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CDrom drive stopped working



I just upgraded my system with a new case, mobo, and memory.

Got rid of my epox 8rda+ and old antec tower and got an Asus A7N8X and a new antec tower.

Anyhow, I moved my other components over and all work well except for my Sony ide cdrom drive. It's a 52x drive that was working great but after plugging it into my new system it went nuts for a little while and now doesn't even show up anymore.

When I first plugged it in as a slave on the secondary channel, I would see strange characters during bootup drive detection and the drive wouldn't work.

After a few time of this, it now doesn't show up at all when I boot up or in my OS.

It is getting power, and the drive door can be opened and closed by pressing the button, but it doesnt show up at all during bootup or in the OS.

I've checked the jumper settings and they are correct. I've tried moving it to the primary channel as a slave, same problem.

Anyone know what the problem could be? It was working fine before.

Asus A7N8X Deluxe ver 2.0 bios 1005, AthlonXP 2500+ Barton, 2x256 Spectek pc2700, ATI Radeon 9500 Pro, WD Special Edition 80GB, Liteon 24x cdrw, 4x Toshiba dvdrom, ATI tvwonderVE pci, Sony 52x cdrom, Antec Sonata with truepower 380w PSU


yes, it is set to auto detect.

it has no trouble detecting my harddrive as primary master, my cdrw and secondary master, and my dvdrom drive as primary slave and if i move my dvdrom drive to secondary slave it detects that fine too.


What do the DMA settings look like in the IDE Controllers section of D/Manager?
Is the secondary connection on the IDE Channel no 2 " possibly faulty as the fold in the connection end of the cable sometimes work slightly loose, hence the intermittent viewing in Windows.?


IDE channel is set to auto detect and is current showing "not applicable"

and the cdrom isn't showing up intermittently.

it just isn't showing up at all anymore and the i checked the cable, it's secure and works fine when i plug other devices into it.
Looking at your spec's it looks like you are using the sony as the second device on your on your IDE 0 with the hard drive as the master. Your stuck there unless you have RAID and can use the IDE2.

Bad news is it is a very bad idea to put a cdrom on the same IDE as your HD. The CD rom is way to slow. You have to set the IDE0 channel for limited capability to support the cdrom and then your HD is slowed down. If you try and set the channel to support the HD then the cdrom may not work.

Try the cdrom on ide1. If it works forget about using the cdrom or add a RAID card to get extra IDE channels

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