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CDR/RW Problem

Hi all
Im having a werid problem with my CDR/RW everytime i write to a disk it write everything on perfectly, but when it gets to the part where it says "Finalising to Make CD Work" or watever i get an exclamtion mark in a Yellow Triangle sayin ERROR Wrting to Disk please insert a new disk i have done this several times and still the same thing comes up.
Is my CDR/RW Broken?

Pls Reply
i was trying to put a 200 mb file on a 700mb cd, @ 1st i thought it was the file so i tried others and still nothing even did u same with a 4mb mp3 file lol
What writing software are you using?
Use Nero, Easy CD has always been buggy for me, and I never trust an MS product.

Has the CDRW ever worked ok?
You did not mention a brand, not that that really matters. But is the CDRW new, new to you but used, or something you've had for a while?

Can you read the CD's after they are burned? Read the directory or access the files?
When this has happened to me, and it does happen a few times, I cleared out the temp file and defraged the hard drive. Then I rebooted and then wrote the disk. It would work fine after that. The reason was that the cd writing program will use the temp folder to store the files in before writing to the cd-r or cdrw. I also have done this to other computers with excellant results. :)


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Originally posted by iowaboy
the cd writing program will use the temp folder to store the files in before writing to the cd-r or cdrw.
ah, yes. this happened to me to way back in the day. i bet that's the solution.


Not sure if this is relevant ,but if you have used Nero and ECD Creator software from time to time on the same CDRW, you will have copying problems, even after formatting .
You can sometimes copy parts of discs but never complete the burn.


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Originally posted by taurus
how much are you trying to put on the cd? maybe it's running out of space at the very end..?
when u start to burn a cd, the laser moves out about a 16th of an inch and leaves it blank then it will go and burn the rest of the cd when it says closing out and finalizing the drive is going back to the center and writing all the info about the cd like volume name amount of space used all that happy stuff thats why when it says it failed at closing the cd they don't work and if u look at them after it says that there uslly a little unburned ring towards the center of the cd.;)
This is an ongoing problem not just with XP and with CD burners but with the media you are using as well. It’s been my experience using many CD burners and different types of media that some just don’t reside together. Even CD’s that have been burnt successfully on one machine can’t be read on another, this is a common problem even when XP is the operating system for both the writer and the reader.

The following rules I now use: -

1. Don’t use cheapo CD’s (you know the ones you buy by the hundred).
2. Don’t write at the fastest speed but the next down that your drive supports.
3. Always close the session if you are using Nero, even for small copies.
4. Clean the CD write lens every month if you are a smoker. These cleaners are not as easy to find as the CD read laser cleaners.
5. The manufacturer of these devices relies on “clean room” environments so avoid cheap CD burners from the Far East; these have known very high failure rates.
6. There are software programmes out there to set your lasers focus to the optimum value (as it drifts with use). PC Technician used to do this but it cost is prohibitive.

And to cap it all I am still of the opinion that XP is not totally compatible with any CD burning software unless all the above have been eliminated.

:) :) :)

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