CDR burner - whats best in your opinion?



Hey guys, i was just on search for a new internal burner, do you guys have any good or bad experiences that coule help me narrow down my topic.

Some product names could help to, thanks guys :)

I really like my SONY cd-rw 160E. Also heard lots of good things about other SONYs too.

Some of my friends use HP and Toshiba and Philips.
But I prefer SONY Cd-writers. It's mostly your past experience with CD-RWs and preference.

I've always run plextor drives, and never had a problem.
I had an HP 4X for many years, and it was rock solid.

I am currently running a LITEON 16X, and I haven't
had any problems at all.

Anybody here running that screamer that Yamaha has
out now? 24X I think...
The BEST burner is the TDK Velo 16/10/40.. they dont cost to much either. THey are the best for several reasons.. they can copy ANY cd with clone cd even the Safe Disk 2 protected CDs with no problem.. They have burn proof buffer underrun prevention so you can use your comp and burn cds without messing up the cd.. they are rock solid and stable... i have never burn a coaster (well maybe 1 or 2 because of software problems) and i have burn over 200 cds with it. Besices being well built, fast, full of features, and just darn awesome they look neat to!
go with the TDK 16/10/40 its the best!!!
- Mike
I've always had good experience with Philips, HP and Plextor.
I agree with ThePunkerGuy, only go with 24X TDK. (In past, I used & returned Yamaha & HP units.)

Inexpensive, works great, BEST overall I've used!
this was my 3rd philips burner but decided after your post... i got another one
4th philips just went in at 16x10x40
Plextor and HP are suppossed to be the best. Sonys are terrible. I owned a sony 1 year ago that wasn't compatible with 1/2 the burning software that was out at the time. I would never buy a sony burner, imho

I have an older hp that does its job now, and i'm happy with it. I will eventually get a plextor tho

I have the Yamaha 20x and it screams! never a wasted disk and coppy a complete audio cd in less than 4 mins! Cool!:p
Well, guys i must say that my new Sony CRX1611 burner
16/10/40 is great, no probs with anything, and works with all the burning software i could find. It;s a good burner for a good price
But you gotta keep in mind what is compatibile with the software you wanna use. I have used HPs for 4 years straight now. First with my HP 7200 and now I have a 9300. Roxio CD Creator has been a real pain in butt to get on and it isn't working still. So..... good luck.
I just bought a Mirami (I know I’ve never heard of them either) but after having a look on the web I found they have really good reviews. It is a 24x Write 10x Re-Write and 40x Read, it is also fully BurnProof, not “JustLink” and it works with all the software I have tried it on.

I can now burn a 700mb CD in around 2.5mins. Not bad seeing as it only cost me less that £90 brand new!

Mike Tasker
I'm about to upgrade my burner. which burner should I get:

CDRW-Ricoh 40X20X10 CDRW with JustLink Technology for $250.00 AUD


CDRW -Sony 40X24X10 CDRW (bare drive) for $219 AUD?
I agree.. they both suck... go with the TDK 16/10/40 or the 24x version.. they will copy all cds even the safedisk 2 protected ones! And with burnproof they NEVER make a bad cd.. and they don't cost that much eathier.. i really think you are making a mistake if you get one of those 2 burners.. TDK all the way!
- Mike
hp is good
had 4x hp since, ummm 99 and never burnt a coaster!!!
havent even cleaned the lens
Go for the sony, it's got built in burn-proof tech, but the ricoh is good as well and i believe that that version of the sony comes with the inbuilt memory stick reader, but i could be wrong.
Anyway my opinion is Sony with Burnproof all the way
I would go for the TDK burner but I can't find it. and the Sony burner has memory stick as well and the Sony burner is down to $199AUD so i'll get that

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