Cd spanning with Nero


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I some data that needs to be put onto a CD but the data is much larger then 750 Megs. So is there a way make it fit onto 2 cds?


you can always rar it up and split it at 700MB if you must, just store it and then split volume into 700,000,000 (i think that is right)


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This won't work. I am trying to convert MP3 into WAV. If I do that the MP3 File is bigger than the CD... So I need to convert > than span.
Sinster said:
This won't work. I am trying to convert MP3 into WAV. If I do that the MP3 File is bigger than the CD... So I need to convert > than span.
does it have to be wav on the cd? you could just make an mp3 cd if not ...


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Argggggh... No I have the MP3.. and my car stereo doesn't have a CD player.

Sweeeeeet... I had a copy of EZ CD... came with a cdrw I purchased.... But its basic.. will that work?

God I figured out why I don't Like EZ
okay, from what i gathered, you want to make an audio cd for your car. But you just said it doesn't have a cd player??? Did you mean mp3 player?

Anyway, remember if you burn an audio cd, it actually holds 800 MB of data (less error correction)
Sinster said:
Xie how do you go about doing the disc span in EZ CD?
well w/ the newest version i got you just drop stuff on the bottom and when it fills for 1 disc it'll show the bar going into the next disc ...
Sinster said:
I don't have a MP3 player in my car. I have a CD PLayer... the audio is about 190 minutes.
well to make it "cd" format nero should auto convert it when you burn it .. would think any burning software worth anything could do it ... as for the space thats another story :(
Don't know if it is still around, but winimage used to enable you to span discs without a lot of hassle.

'nother way to do this would be mp3--> wav, then use audio program to split into separate discs. This would avoid problems with where the split occurs.

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