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CD-RW & DVD-Rom int./combo


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Hi....I'm Steph & this is my first time post.thr so forgive me if I'm at wrong place. I have a Dimension 2400 (Dell), Win.XP Hm Ed. I need a new CD-RW drive & was told that I could upgrd. w/DVD-Rom combo? I have NO idea whats compatible; I've never done this. Right now I 'm looking into upgrad. & buying new, so I don't really want to pay alot. Sorry to be so ign. but this is new to me....Thanks so much.....Steph:rolleyes:


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These days, it is your best bet to get a DVD-Burner. This will read and write DVDs and CDs. I prefer Plextor brand myself, I currently use a PX-716A. Do some research and get other opinions. I know LG and Benq make some good drives too.

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Also when you look at the combos it will tell you what the required system specs are. If your system is fairly new you shouldn't have a problem.

Get one with a dvd writer not just to read dvd's. Shop around & you should get a good price.

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