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CD-RW drive problem. need help!


The One and Only
Ok. Here's the deal. I installed Ahead InCD to access data that i had on discs that were formatted using InCD. Well, after i installed it and got the data off the discs that i needed, i tried to burn a cd with software to use on my new laptop. Well, now my CD-RW drive does not realize that a writeable CD is in the drive. It can still read from a disc just fine, but cannot write to one. I've checked in the drive properties and it does say that writing to the drive is enabled. Even uninstalled InCD and restored to a point before i installed InCD. Please help me.
You did not mention what cd burning software you are using.

If it is not friendly (Easy Cd isn't friendly with anything...) with InCD it might have gotten stomped on. Reinstall the burning software is a possible fix.


viking lost down under
Hi m8
I had a simular problem, the way I fixed it was to re- format the rw's. That seemed to fix my problem, hope this helps. Try reloading the udf. This is where you will find it if you are using Easy CD Creator 6.
drive:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 6\DragToDisc\MRW\MrfInst.exe



The One and Only
LeeJend, didn't really even think of that. the one i've been tryin was the built in burner (which is provided by Roxio, at least last time i looked). The burning software that i have installed is Nero. Also, now that i think about it, i think i disabled the built in burner to speed up the starting of Nero....... *smacks self* STOOPID ME!!!!!! well, thanks for the help anyway. *wonders why he doesn't pay attention to his own quote in his own sig:eek: *


Yes formatting the disc should work in ECDC6.

Message to Lee Jend.... a bit of a sweeping statement about above software not working with anything .... totally untrue of course !

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