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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by stapler101, Dec 22, 2001.

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    hope to keep this simple. Without installing adaptec ez cd, how do I get xp to read cds previously burned on rewritable disk? I am aware of ufd readers, but xp won't install.
    I have a Creative 52x. If I run (with ez cd installed) a rw disk I burned it reads fine but when I close and eject the disk, the drive does not refresh. Every disk I put in "reads" the data from the rw.
    I can read the rw fine in my yamaha 16x10x40 and it will refresh.
    I tried swapping ide ports with the yamaha and the creative, so I don't think the ide is the problem.
    I ran and installed aspi from via (I believe).
    Do I need another cd rom that has better multi-read ability?
    any help appreciated.
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    this might not be of any use, but some programs like direct cd create a filing system on a cdrw disk so that you can treat it as anoter hard disk (so to speak) and therefore winxp doesnt reonise this system if that makes sense. you might have to install a winxp compatible version of direct cd??
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    Thanks mechobeaver.
    I have definitely decided that direct cd/ez cd are not compatable even with the upgrades and patches installed.
    I am having conflicts with cdudf reader that is resident in xp and the udf reader that ezcd installs.
    I am going to Nero and see what happens.
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    I had some problems with Direc Cd disks... My recouse was to install the UDFreader on another, Win2k, Computer and then burn a new disk to use on the Xp computer... No help really but its what I did... I don't think Nero will read Direc Cd disks...