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cd-rom drive audio extraction failure!



hey guys,
i recently posted a topic saying that i was unable to burn cds off other cds in nero and in ecdc5 platinum, my father and i have been trying to figure out was wrong with it for ages and today we just gave up, i thought why not try out our gurus on xp-erience.org and see if they have a solution for us. i did test in ecdc5 and on the cd-rom drive (not the burner) it was unable to complete the audio extraction test, i thought nothing of it until i tried to extract the songs off the cd with dbPowerAmp. i got errors saying that it was unable to extract the files either, this led me to believe that it wasn't my burner playing up that it was my cd-rom drive (it has never done this before, ever), i found out that all of sudden it can't extract music off the cd's, i have tried other cds to try and extract it off but with no success, that would explain the errors on ecdc5 and the analyizing failures in nero.

does anyone know what could be happening or even know a solution, if anyone does it would really help my father and i out alot, since we have had so many problems with it.

dayne:confused: :confused:

XP Abuser

try goin to device manager expand dvd/cd-rom drives right click each of your drives and go to the properties| properties tab and select enable digital audio see if that works


There are 2 common problems with extraction of audio files that might help you.
Your cd rom drive might be low spec ,or you might have a dvd drive below x10, which will inhibitate this process.
Also you could look at removing "enable digital audio"by going to properties on your drives(s) and unticking.
I would think that it is more likely that your 2 cd drives are not working "in sync" and that the "read " process on your cdrom /dvd drive is the problem .
This happened to me with an old dvd rom x 5 drive which I upgraded to x16.
The erratic read problem disappeared and copying time greatly reduced and stableized.
Ther are occasionally some drives that are just not able to "cut it"
Let me know of your resuts.

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