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CD ROM and CD-R blues...



Before Christmas, I was running a GeForce 2 MX 400, with a USB CD-RW 4x, and a Sony CD ROM.

For Christmas, I recieved a GeForce 3 Ti200 and a Plextor 16x CD-R. At this time I only had a 250W power supply. I booted up. The GeForce3 worked fine, but the CD ROM and CD-R were not showing up in My Computer. But, they did however show up in the POST.

So, I thought it was merely a power supply issue. Today I picked up a 350W power supply. Plugged it in, but no difference. The CD ROM and CD-R do not work still. I head into Device Manager, and notice that each of them are recieving Code 19 errors (registry). Which they were the day before when I first installed both the video card and CD-R.

So far I have tried the following to no avail:

1) Uninstall both drives in Device Manager. Booting back up. Still go code 19 errors.
2) I even put my old GF 2 back in to see if my GF 3 was faulty. Still, I got code 19 errors.
3) I tried just using the CDROM, got code 19 errors.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem? If so, was it fixable?


Dustin H.


Yes, I have Nero 5 installed. It has been installe, because I had a USB external burner. Would this be a problem?
Yeah, Nero's caused a lot of problems for folks loosing their CDRom devices. At the top of this page there's a search option, use it to do a searh (keyword: Nero) and you should find a fix for your problem in one of the threads it brings up. good luck.


Alright, thanks for the help guys. I guess I'll reply if I still ahve a problem and give an update :p

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