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Tired Zombie
I have gotten this error with 2 recording programs what is this
1:37:37 (H:) ATAPI CD-RW 52X24 (1:1) - [Write PREGAP area ERROR]: -150 - 0
S:KEY - 03/73/02 - "Power Calibration Area is Full"
01:37:37 (H:) ATAPI CD-RW 52X24 (1:1): Recording failed!
01:37:37 Error message: [03/73/02] - Power Calibration Area is Full
01:37:37 (H:) ATAPI CD-RW 52X24 (1:1): Recording failed!
01:37:37 Image file loading aborted!
01:37:39 Something is wrong with the recording procedure!
Please check the log file and report any errors to Technical Support.


The Analog Kid
almost sounds like the disc already has something written to it.

Are you burning an image using a cuesheet? Is there a pregap before track one? Your burner may have a problems with writing gaps before track one.


OSNN Veteran Addict
What burner model?
What media (and does the media meet the burner requirements)?
And as above. What exactly are you trying to do? Copy a protected CD, make a data back up, etc.

Copy protected CD's corrupt the CD format. i.e. It is not really a CD anymore and you need a special software and a burner that has extended capabilities to copy it.

CloneCD and Alcohol 120% are two copy porgrams that go beyond the CD standard to allow legal backup copies of your protected CD's. Note even these 2 can not make copies of all protected CD's.

The latest versions of Securom have become very intrusive forcing you to actually remove certain copy software from your computer before the original will even work.

Note CloneCD is on its way out. The German government has passed laws making the program illegal. Certain features of CloneCD have been illegal in the USA for years and are disabled in US based computers. ;-)


Tired Zombie
Sorry for not giving enough info about my system i forgot about the server crash where i had all my specs there so sorry again. Anewayz back to the problem,i figured out what the problem was as i came home from work today and tore down my rig.
i rerouted the power cables and took that noisy huge volcano 11 off and reinstalled the stock heatsink powered her back up and no more power calibration area full errors so thnx for everyones help


The Analog Kid
RE: copy protected cd's

Exact Audio Copy will allow you to rip tracks or make an image of most cd's (sometimes drive dependent). You may need to find an older version (v.95prebeta3 or earlier) that has the the option "Detect TOC manually." EAC will prolly get you the best rips.

CloneCD is still be developed. It's assests has been moved to an offshore company called Slysoft.

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