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3 Dec 2001
This isn't really a XP problem, but somehow my CD-R is hard coded to my old comptuer's OEM motherboard, and if i hook it up to any other computer the computer refuses to even POST. How is this hard coding possible, and what can be done to bypass it? The drive is a Compaq OEM Philips CDD4401, and the old compter was a Compaq Presario 7478. The new config is in my signature. Can locks like this be bypassed so it will work in my new comptuer?

I have never heard of that? if it is truly hard coded then I doubt there would be a way to pass it as the hard coding would be at the bios lvl...have you tried this...leave the writer disconnected from the ide chain but the power cable plugged in..boot the computer go into your bios..go into the general setup where you set up drives...

Connect the drives ide cable, then most bios's have akey or option you can press to have it detect the drives and show you them right there..see if the drive will show up that way

I had to do that a few times with a stubborn harddrive to get it to work before :)
I don't think its "hard coded"... My Compaq 7478 has donated its cd-rw and DVD to my new computers more than once... The cd-rw has its place back in the Compaq and the dvd is still in the current...

If it's really the cd-rw you can go to Philips site and do a search for flashtool and update the firmware...

I just checked you sig... With a computer like that why are you using the 4x4x24 that the Compaqs came with... Grab a $150 TDK VeloCD...
I dont got the $$$ to spend. I'm only 15 and dropping the $550 for that new system is all im spending for a LONG time. I may get a TDK 12x10x40 burnproof refurb i found for $80 from tigerdirect. Philips doesnt have a firmware update, but i found one elsewhere online, but the drive isnt detected as a CDD4401, so it wont update :mad:

This might just be my opinion, but DO NOT order from tigerdirect. They have burned alot of people I know in the past and getting hold of support was next to fact once they had a problem with their webpage that allowed viewers to actually read the web based forms that others had filled out to get help...I read them over and all it was, was complaint after complaint gone unanswered and multiple forms from the same people who never got help and these went on for months...

I myself once had a system from tigerdirect and it suffered some problems that clearly came from being sloppily put together, but this is just my experience so take it who you want just thought i'd warn :)
The cdd-4401 is a Compaq number its the same as the Philips PCRW404... You need to get the "flashtool" program and it'll update...

Here's a link...

I recomended this to others and they've had no problem...

What happens when you put it back in the 7478?!? Does that post with it?!? I'm thinking it has to be the jumpers or maybe the CD-RWs just dead...

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