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CD Icons




Hi all,

Anyone know how I can display my two CD Icons as their respective types, one is a normal CDROM the other a CDR-RW.
I thought XP was supposed to be able to tell the difference between CD, CDRW & DVD and display a different icon for each one...
I founc the icons in C:\windows\system32\SHELL32.dll but how do I apply them to the drives in My Computer?

Hope someone can help.



i tried to figure it out for a while but I had no luck. On my desktop i did an upgrade to xp from 98 and i spend a lot of time trying to do this......i installed many programs, but i dont think that xp allows you to change individual cd drive icons(in fact im almost positive). I did a clean install on my laptop and the two types of drives (cdrw and dvd show the correct drive icons). I think that this might be because i was using a program called icon packager before upgrading to xp on my desktop pc that changed many of the icons to a xp theme that i had downloaded at the time. Some of these icons were different from the final xp ones and there were no individual optical drive icons. When i did the upgrade not all of them changed as they were supposed to cuz I think that program was trying to maintain the icons that it had set.

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