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cd eject=windows crash



ok this problem was really prominent a couple weeks ago then it seemed to stop for a while and now it started again. i haven't had this happen with any program cd's so far, only music cd's. it also seems to happen more commonly right after ive ripped the cd in the drive to mp3's, then i try to eject it when im finished and i get a blue screen and windows restarts. i thought this only had something to do with ripping songs but today i put an audio cd in, let it play a little, then after stopping it and fully exiting win amp (i use win amp to play all my audio) i tried to eject the cd and got the same blue screen restart. i have no idea what is causing this or how i can fix it so if anyone has any ideas of what it could be please let me know. thanks.

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Good grief Charlie Brown
Does it happen using media player or some other player?
Have you got the updates for cd burning from microsoft & your other burning program?


it doesnt happen when im burning music. ive used a ton of different programs for ripping mp3's and its happened when using many of them so i know its not one particular program. the last time this happened to me was just when playing a music cd. not burning, ripping or anything, just playing. and it was after i stopped it and exited the program. i wonder if its my cd drive...actually now that i think of it im not sure this has happened when reading cd's in my cd rw drive, only when reading from my dvd drive. i didnt really take that into consideration before.

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