CD/DVD changer towers


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26 Mar 2004
Hi all, this is my first post on this forum - had it recommended to me by a friend.
A few years back i saw advertised a cd/dvd changer tower for home use - not one of these network jobbies that have 6 drives and 300cds, more like 1 or 2 drives, 100cd/dvd and ability to connect to 1 computer. Does anyone know a retailer of such devices, if so where can i find them/information on them?

I think I know what you are talking about, but I am not quite sure... I was about to purchase a tower that held 100 CDs... it had a USB interface and connected to the computer and indexed every CD in a database on your PC. Is this kind of what you are talking about? This product was like $200. I think it was about 2 years ago though.
yeah thats the kinda thing i mean - i saw it in an issue of T3 magazine here in the uk, cant remember of it was usb - i asume it must have been. cant find that issue of the magazine tho - very annoying! where did u see the item in question?
really? ive never seen that publication, is that available in the uk? dont suppose you have any links or info that might b useful?

I seen 'em in Costco (UK). I think it was a JVC.
does anyone know of a web based company selling this type of commercial consumer product - i was under the impression you have to have business membership for costco? (was offered cheap membership when i worked in my year out from uni - wud have expirec by now anyway tho :S).
I dont believe u have to have a business member, my aunts works there. You just need to go and sign up. It used to be that way tho, but not anymore.
Abbadon2001 said:
Hi all, this is my first post on this forum - had it recommended to me by a friend.

Hey I had missed this post! Welcome to the forums Andy :)
Might I hazard a guess at who recommended this site ?? :p ;)

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