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The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
I've noticed alot of questions recently about cdrs and dvdrs. Thought I'd share some interesting materials I have picked up over the years. All of this stuff was freely available online so I don't think there should be a problem posting it. I also know that it's kinda large, so if someone would be kind enough to host it until I get my site up and running, I'd appreciate it. I'm sorry but one of the .pdf had to be in RAR format so I could split it for the attachment limit. Enjoy

1. National Institue of Standards and Technology CD and DVD Care And Handling Guide


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2. Deluxe Global Media Services: Intro To CD and CD-Rom by Graham Sharpless


  • Intro To CD's & CD-Roms.pdf
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Nobody's even taken a look at these yet. I feel so disappointed. Thought it would make for some good reading.
dreamliner77 said:
I can't believe no one has taken a look at these...
well I am sorry for your disappointment - just as soon as I complete my Visual Studio enterprise installation I shall rush to read and hopefully learn how to burn with more discrimination and quality ;)

[EDIT] Made time to skim read - Excellent stuff! I would host for you if I could and if you give permission I will share with a friend who may host for you but who I have to say likes to keep his domain quite private (password), dunno if that is any good to you? [/EDIT]

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