CD Burning Software


Smokin & Jokin

Does anybody know of any CD burning software that doesn't require
an install?
Its just I'm on the college network and I don't have access to install progs!


Jason Roberts

Windows XP has a basic CD burning support built in...that is...if it is enabled by your college admin. If you feel that the college needs to offer CD burning for studing purposes, you should have a talk with your admin. My college allows wide ranges of drives to be used - CD burners (available in new computers), Zip drives, USB hard drive, and more. Software can be arranged if needed by the student with authorization of the computer network admin.


If there is no software for burning installed on the PC then I doubt the PC even has a burner.


Smokin & Jokin
These computers do have burners, its just theres no burning software installed.
All the clients run Windows 2000 btw so no built-in software.


Originally posted by SPeedY_B
I'd ask the admin(s) Money has been wasted if they don't install some burning software after all (burnatonce is a nice free app)
Yeah - I know Jamie, He has a nice prog .. I don't use it personally but it is nice ..


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Id ask the school admins, i personally think that all schools should offer it, but they dont because of their big pipes, downloading warez could become a students number one priority. And that is not what we want on school networks. Thus making the decision really hard for a school admin.