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Cd Burning Problem...any Help?



hey guys, this is my first post, and i'm hoping someone can help me out. recently, i needed to burn an ISO image onto disc. and so, i installed nero. before that, i had always used the burn utility included in XP. i could never get nero to burn the ISO image i needed, so i simply uninstalled it. however, now the burn utility in XP will no longer burn CD's (data, music, or otherwise). It will begin adding "data to the cd image", but once it begins to write the cd, it stops, telling me there was an error in the write process, and it can not finish. what do i need to do? any help would be appreciated.:confused:
Nero has really been a big pain for a lot of people. If all you're burning is an iso, go get yourself a copy of Fireburner... this little sucker rocks. It sits in it's own folder (no installation headache), and does it's thing. You need a working aspi layer for it though.


the problem is not nero any longer. i don't care about the ISO file. i just want window's default burning utility to work....how can i do it?? i don't wanna go out and buy another burning utility, nor do i really want to have another one installed on the system, if i don't need it.
Use the search engine here, upper right, and type in Nero... you should find your solution in one of the threads. I don't know the solution myself, but i remember reading it.

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