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CD burner lockup



Sometimes when I aM BURNING A CDR USING EZCD 5
the percentage stops increasing the cd burner light is permanently on and there is permanent activity on the
hard drive. In order get get it work again I have reboot the system and try again.
I.ve rebuild the machine and it still happens occasionally

I have a MIRAI cd writer 1500p.
celeron 1gig
256mg mem
40gig hard drive

More info Tried burnimg to image on hard drive reading from pioneer cd/dvd rom drive got same result. Tried burnimg to image on hard drive reading from Mirai burner drive got same result. Copied cd data to heard drive then created image OK


after playing with drivers, if the problem still exists you could try using a program like Nero (Ahead Software).. if it stills persists the CDRW could be the problem and may need to be replaced.. just wondering as well if this CDRW has any firmware that might need to be updated to address this issue.. check out the mfg support website for info on known issues.. hmm, just had a look and these guys don't seem to have a website.. buggas...


it's not a problem with your drive, but **** software. Put XP on and use the native burning stuff that they developed with Nero or just pirate some nero burning rom software. Kazaa is a great way to get it, so is direct connect www.neo-modus.com. Also you can get the latest trial from www.nero.com and get the crack from --[DO NOT POSTS CRACKS OR WAREZ SITES PLEASE READ THE FORUM RULES HERE ]---

We dont support illegal software and will not tolerate it here. Language also edited.


it happened to me before.
1 get the newest driver update and get the newest drive support, if needed.

2 maybe it's just a buffer-underrun error

3 try NERO, it's more of simple running program


I think its a bum drive and probably needs to be replaced. I'm having the same problems with a new TDK 48X burner, and its not because of crappy software - I'm using the latest Nero in WinXP. And when I switch out the drive for an older one I have here (old 12X TDK) no problems, but if I try the problem drive in a different computer, I still get lockups.

What drivers are y'all talking about. In WinXP the drivers are from Microsoft and a part of the OS, aren't they. My drive came with utilities and a stripped down Nero Express.


try downing the speed of the rip, I understand that cd's can actually come apart at high speed. That's at 72X, but not all cd's are created equal

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