CD burner has got me beat!



I have xp pro and TDK 24x10x32. Using EZCD , CDr-Win and Nero have never been a problem for me. Always burned and never made any coasters. Well, I got bored one day and decided to try out some other burners and virtual drives. Namely WinOnCD and daemon tools. I believe either of these two have been the start of my problem. I rebooted after the installation of these and immediatly I would get errors that "CD Burning Sortware" disabled. Now, I could still burn, but when I burn, its horrible on system resources and time. Every 2 seconds during the burn process, the burn light goes off and the task manager resource indicator rockets to full 100%. Then the burn light turns back on and no problems...for a second. Haha. Anything that I am doing while cd's are burning hang up during this second of time when the burn light goes off. So, i removed all cd burning software and I would still get the same errors. I went into system32 and pulled out the cd burner files there and of course I lost both my cdrom drives when I did this. So I put them back. I re-installed EZCD creator and the error message about burning software disabled went away, but alas the problem still existed. Finally, I formatted :(

As I expected, it worked fine. But after a week of having ezcd, cdrwin and nero started doing the same thing again. So I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. I burn at 16x and 12x now just so it willburn constantly (burning at 24x does the burn light on/off problem). At those speeds, my resources are drained evenmore so that it was at 24x. Go figure.

So, any ideas or am I up a creek :( ??

Thanx for readin this ...story. hehe
guess the addage.. if it isnt broke dont fix it...

I think things have been changed in the registry and the software isnt playing very well with each other.. this happens often.
yep..i shoulda left well enough alone. one other question is this..i will be formatting one more time anyways. cleaning that drive off in its entirety. is their some type of command prompt for deleting any leftovers? i know fdisk /mbr and format c: will be two that i am doing. anything else?
my hard disk has a utility on floppy that writes all 000000's so when i do a complete reinstall...I run the utility then fdisk...format...fdisk/mbr...then install os's
You have mentioned losing your CD Rom Drives ( as I have ) did you get them back cos I have tried uninstalling and re-booting but still have no CD Drives ?
I have the same problems you experienced.........but I ended up having My Hard Drive and Cd/DVD being listed as SCSI drives when the are actually IDE............!
I removed the drivers from the system32 folder just to see what would happen. I put them back in place and the drives resurfaced.
Unfortunately I was stupid enuff to delete them altogether ............never kept copies so I can`t even access the XP CD to recover them.............any ideas.........?
ok.........Thanks...........I will give that a go and let you know how I get on.............thanks again
a little advice.

get rid of ezcd , that is the crappiest peice of crap ever, no matter what version, besides why do you need it any way when you have nero, also go into services and disable the imapi cd burning
service, you dont need it and it should help somthings....:rolleyes:

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