CD AutoRun application

May 23, 2003
anyone know of any *free* applications that will write autorun files to get a cd to...autorun when inserted?

I've reverse engineered some CDs as far as I could, and as far as I can tell, there is Autorun.inf, which points the computer towards some intermediary application which then runs the final application (I want it to launch a flash projector file "supplementary.exe")

If this were merely as simple as writing the autorun.inf file, I'd throw this thread into the coding forum, but I'm pretty sure I need another application to write this autorun application...

/takes breath

can anyone point me in the right direction?
May 23, 2003
I... am an idiot. as a little experiment to my better logic, I wrote a simple autorun myself, burned it... and it works happily. Pulling apart all kinds of professional CD's, I'm not surprised that I should think they are more complicated than they actually have to be for my purposes:


done. someone hit me in the face with a stick (lol) :p
May 23, 2003
Johnny said:
That don't always work dude ..
thank you captain grammar :)

I know it won't work always - hence the complicated autoruns on most professional discs. But this particular method worked for my humble purposes, therefore, problem solved :rolleyes:

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